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Hi everybody…

I’m Herb Greenberg. I spent much of my decades-long career as a financial journalist, and also co-founded two short-biased research firms. You can read my bio on LinkedIn. I get exhausted just looking at it.

I first started writing Herb Greenberg | On the Street, better known as Herb on the Street, more than 20 years ago when I joined TheStreet.com.

The name just seemed so obvious – and even wound up causing the Wall Street Journal to threaten a lawsuit – since it was too close to their Heard on the Street. Our response was pretty straight forward: My name is Herb and I work for TheStreet.

Well…I stopped working at TheStreet a very long time ago, and have since written (appeared) here, there and everywhere, including CNBC, where I was Senior Stocks Commentator and I remain a frequent contributor.

Herb on the Street, meanwhile, has carried on….

What you see right now is what I also write under the Empire Financial Daily banner for Empire Financial Research, where I also write two long-biased investment newsletters, Empire Real Wealth and Herb Greenberg’s Quant-X Systems.

So the big question, what should I expect from Herb on the Street?

Herb on the Street is always evolving and changing, but its central theme is finding pieces of the investing mosaic.

That can be macro or stock specific…

My views or the views of others…

New ideas or my spin on existing stories.

The most fun, of course, is piercing hype, but the general goal is to tell you something you didn’t already know.

It may be tied to the news or totally out of left field. Every day is different.

If you look closely, I also have an “On Life” section. There is, after all, more to life than business and investing.

How often do you plan to publish?

I’m a firm believer in not writing for the sake of writing. That said, I’m wired to write.

I spent 10 years writing a six-day-a-week newspaper column in San Francisco and after going online, wrote five times a week for years.

I currently write once or twice a week, sometimes more, or when I’m working on a report or project for Empire – not at all.

There’s a fine line between providing value and becoming noise. My goal is not to cross it.

Can I send you ideas?

You sure can! I welcome ideas and enjoy collaborating and hope to build a circle of contributors. Feel free to reach out via my private email (if you have it) or via herbgreenberg@substack.com.

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Herb Greenberg

Senior Editor Empire Financial Research. Longtime proprietor of Herb on the Street. Plus: Former CNBC senior stocks commentator; current CNBC contributor, hype-buster, creator/owner of the ORIGINAL Hostile React-o-Meter™.